Take Ownership

From shopping as an owner to serving on the Board,
we all shape our store.

Check out the following resources for ways to engage with and guide your Co-op:

                                             Annual Meeting, 2015

                                           Annual Meeting, 2015

    Via our homepage to sign up for this twice-a-month newsletter that lets you know about Co-op news, sales, and events (new owners receive the e-newsletter unless they opted out).

    Read here for Board news, minutes, and agendas. Email boardadmin@moscowfood.coop to regularly receive agenda info and minutes.
    Find out about volunteer openings for Participating Owners here.
    Read our monthly online publication for features and briefs about our programs, business partners, new books, staff product picks, and more here. Hard copies also are available at the front of the store.
    Our free quarterly magazine features articles about local producers, food issues, Co-op products, sustainability, and our history. Pick up your copy at our check stands or read it online here.
    Stay on top of daily sales, what's on the hot bar, and timely event info through our Facebook page.
    Check out our blog, which features recipes, DIY ideas, and other features.

    The above links and the home page menu should help you find your way around. The website includes our Co-op events calendar.

Talk with us!

  • Through the above channels, posters, and store bulletin board you’ll see announcements for Board gatherings, the Annual Meeting, and other feedback & participation opportunities.
  • Attend Board meetings, which are open to all owners, and include an owner comment period. Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month at 6 p.m. Location alternates between Moscow and Pullman, so check here for the location. To receive monthly emails with agenda information, email boardadmin@moscowfood.coop.
  • Provide feedback to management or the Board through our comment boxes at the bulletin board near the Customer Service Desk.
  • Want to reach the Board, the General Manager, or individual departments by email? Check out our contact info here.
  • Give a shout out to your favorite products through our "Owner Picks" forms near the Customer Service Desk. We may post your pick (and your mug!) near your selection.