APPY HOUR: Crostini with Local Radishes + Spring Garlic

Bonjour! There are few things more French than radishes and butter. Ok, bulldogs, toast, and fries are probably more common, but these flavors are pretty classic, tu ne crois pas? We have lovely local radishes right now from Farmer Phil in Lewiston and beautiful spring garlic from the Daoist Hermitage in Genesee. Paired together for this simple appetizer recipe, you can really taste the season.

Spring garlic, also known as green garlic, is immature garlic before it forms full bulbs. Its flavor is much milder than full-grown garlic, making it a nice option for pairing with other raw veggies. You can substitute it the same way you would use garlic or onions, using the bulbs and the light greens parts. It's only around for a few more weeks, so pick some up quickly!

Because there are so few ingredients in this appetizer, we recommend using the best you can find. We used Kerrygold Irish butter, made from grass-fed cow's cream, Maldon flake salt, fresh cracked pepper, and made-from-scratch baguettes from our bakery. All together, this recipe is tres delicious. Spread softened butter on toasted baguette slices, top with thinly sliced radishes, sliced spring garlic, salt and pepper.