5-Spot: Creating A Cozy Home


Written by Sarah Quallen, Co-op Volunteer Writer

Tis the season for cinnamon and cloves, pumpkin pie, spiced apple cider and spiced wine. The dropping temperatures may mean that more time is spent indoors, but it also means that windows tend to stay closed so houses can get stuffy. Here are some suggestions to invite cozy and companionship into your home while kicking out the stuffy.

1. One of the easiest ways to psychologically warm your home is to make it smell like the season. To do that without spending time baking, just toss some cinnamon sticks and whole cloves into a pot of water and simmer it on the stove. Better yet, build a fire and set the pot on the fireplace to reduce energy waste. As a bonus, this will add humidity to the air, providing a greater sense of warmth and less chapping.

2. Of course, actually baking has the same effect but with tastier results. Rather than spend your time alone in the kitchen, host a bake-a-thon by having friends or family over to work on all their (and your) favorite holiday treats. Alternatively, participate in — or host — a cookie party and just bake one kind of cookie to trade with a group of friends.

3. Get your children or your friends together for a craft night. Decorating your home to fit the season is another way to cozy-up the house, and what’s better than decorations made with love? Up-cycle clothing or re-use things, like jars or toilet paper rolls, to make it an eco-friendly craft night.

4. October may be over, but the pumpkin season is far from finished. Pick up some sugar pumpkins from the Moscow Food Co-op for an extra-special pumpkin pie. Or stuff and bake them for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner. Either way, their

color, scent, and taste will warm-up every pink-cheeked, red-nosed visitor.

5. Late fall can bring some chilly breezes, and sometimes those breezes can sneak under doors and put some bite into an otherwise cozy home. A fun way to keep those cold winds out is to use a door draft stopper. Ours is shaped like a cat and reminds me of my grandmother, but you could to use your craft night to make one out of old clothes and rice.