DIY: Catnip Toys


Catnip, a member of the mint family, has quite the intoxicating effect on some felines. This perennial plant triggers a neurological response in your furry friend, first stimulating him then calming him down. The stimulation can last from 10-20 minutes or until your kitty loses interest. Their brains typically reset in a couple hours and become susceptible to catnip's affects again.

To make your own Catnip Sardines you will need:

felt (in whatever color you like), plus black and white for the eyes

thread in a matching color

non-toxic fabric glue

dried catnip

at least 1 eager cat

1. Trace the shape of a sardine on felt (2 per toy) and cut out. Cut out small black and white circles for the eyes and set aside. 2. Place two cut-outs on top of each other and beginning near the head of the sardine, stitch (using a back stitch) around the outside. Be sure to go around the tail side, vs. the head side, because it will be easier to fill it with catnip at the widest point.

3. Once you are back around the other side near the head, fill the toy with dried catnip, using a pencil to stuff the catnip down until the sardine is full.

4. Stitch the rest of the toy together and glue the eyes on each side.