New Brew News: June 2014


1. Big Al Brewing - Seattle, WA

Rat City Blonde - 4% abv, 22 IBU's

Still not quite sure why so many breweries go with "Rat City" for the name of one of their beers, but I guess some things are just meant to keep us wondering.  Besides, wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote, "...a beer by any other name would smell as beer"? That's what I thought.  So here we have Rat City Blonde from Big Al Brewing. Nice malty aroma, and dark, translucent yellow in color. Just a skosh of hops in the front but is quickly buried as to not upset the delicate balance. Hints at an Old English style lager in flavor, but has a little more "oompf" to it's body. An easy drinker, great for grill watchin' or lawn mowin'. For more about what Big Al Brewing has going on click


2. Uinta Brewing - Salt Lake City, UT

BABA Black Lager 4% abv

No hops. No bitter. No floral aromas. All beer. Black lagers these days are reminiscent of the old-style German dark beers known as schwarzbier.  A good one will take that smooth, crisp, and refreshing part of the lager (that we all love) and then hint at notes of coffee or chocolate like a stout or porter.  BABA does just that, and needless to say, this dude's Schwartz is as big as the next guy's.  This should be the summer beer for the dark beer drinker. To learn more about Uinta Brewing visit

their website


3. Ballast Point - San Diego, CA

Fathom IPL (India Pale Lager) - 7% abv

Oh Ballast Point, you've done it again.  This here is a brewery that is really starting to explore the possibilities of coloring outside the lines, and they are doing an incredible job of it.  From coffee porters to curry beer, Ballast Point has nailed them all.  Fathom is no exception.  Take the classic West Coast IPA flavor profile (bitter and floral hops, grapefruit, and pine) and combine that with the smooth and crisp drink-ability of a lager.  Never too hoppy, but always just enough to remind you it's half IPA. Great for casual drinkers and IPA snobs alike. To learn more about the brews from Ballast Point click