2019 Board Election results

Thank you to all who voted in the 2019 Board election! At this year’s election, you helped us break the all-time record for voter turnout with 1,061 total votes - that’s almost 14% of our total owner base!

As a result of this year’s election, Alice Ma, Ken Hart, and Mark Thorne were elected to 3-year terms and will be seated at the Board meeting on April 9.

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Election results
Turnout: 1,061 (13.7%) of 7,751 electors voted in this ballot.

Alice Ma: 761 votes (27.4%)
Ken Hart: 584 votes (21.0%)
Mark Thorne: 453 votes (16.3%)
Isabel Gaila Barbuto: 401 votes (14.4%)
Lauren Crawford: 325 votes (11.7%)
Sofia Marrion: 257 votes (9.2%)

The Moscow Food Co-op is a democratic organization controlled directly by its owners. Elected member representatives on the Board are accountable to the Co-op’s 7,700+ owners as they guide the Co-op through governance policies and supervision of the General Manager. The Co-op’s nine-member Board of Directors plays a vital role in the well-being of the Moscow Food Co-op, and Board members provide direction and oversight regarding the Co-op’s financial well-being and long-term goals. Thank you for your participation and support!



2019 Board Candidate Forum

At the Board Candidate Forum, you met all six hopefuls in this year’s Board Election. If you missed the forum, download the Voter’s Guide above to learn more about the candidates!

See our photos from last year’s candidate forum below.


What does it mean to be a director?

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There are four components to a strong and thriving Cooperative business: The owners, the staff, the strategic plan, and the Board of Directors!

Directors serving on the Moscow Food Co-op’s Board have several responsibilities, including determining the Co-op’s Ends, evaluating Co-op management, and setting long-term goals for the Co-op. Our Directors work together to guide the Co-op as it continues to grow and become the best version of itself!

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