Read about the six Co-op Owners who want your vote in this year’s Board Election by clicking on the banner above. Then come visit us for the 2019 Board Candidate Forum at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 18 in the Co-op deli!



What does it mean to be a director?

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There are four components to a strong and thriving Cooperative business: The owners, the staff, the strategic plan, and the Board of Directors!

Directors serving on the Moscow Food Co-op’s Board have several responsibilities, including determining the Co-op’s Ends, evaluating Co-op management, and setting long-term goals for the Co-op. Our Directors work together to guide the Co-op as it continues to grow and become the best version of itself!



2019 Board Candidate Forum

Each Board candidate will participate in the Board Candidate Forum, to take place on March 18 at 7 p.m. During this forum, Board candidates will introduce themselves to you, our owners, and field your questions about why they’re running for the Board and what their unique expertise and perspective will bring to our Co-op.

You’re the final say in who wins this election - so join us, won’t you?

See our photos from last year’s candidate forum below.


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