In order for you to be the best owner you can be, the Co-op needs to keep our contact information for you current. This helps us contact you in the event of any owner problems and notify you of important events happening at the Co-op. Changes may take up to 3 business days after submission.

Located on the back of your owner card or on a copy of your receipt. This number will start with a four and be twelve digits long. If you do not know your owner number, please give the store a call so we can help.
Owner Name *
Owner Name
Name of the primary owner for this account. Only a Primary owner may make changes to account contact information.
Current Mailing Address *
Current Mailing Address
We need a current address so that we may send you legally required notices, notifications of patronage dividends, or other co-op communications.
Phone *
Optional, but used for promotional discounts and gifts from the Co-op!
Opt Out of eReceipts?
eReceipts let us send you your receipts via email. This helps us save on paper, and we'll even send you a coupon as a thank you if you let us send you email communication.
Opt Out of Email Communication
From time to time, we may send you notifications of sales, our biweekly newsletter, coupons, or other communications. If you would NOT like this communication, please let us know. We promise not to send you too many emails.
Request Additional Owner Card
YOu can always give the cashier your name or enter your phone number, but just in case you like the feel of having that owner card in your hand, we can print you another one. They will be left at our customer service desk for pick up.
Verification *
By checking this box, you verify that you are the individual listed above and agree to have the following information added to you owner account.