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When you round up at the Co-op, the funds we raise ultimately benefit local organizations and Co-ops all around the country!

How does it work?

We send our round-up funds to the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, and they provide loan capital to co-ops around the country, then return the interest to us each year. We return this “interest income” to local organizations each year in the form of grants. The fund grows as Co-op owners donate, and we all return more to our community and to Co-ops everywhere!

The Moscow Food Co-op is one of 40 food co-ops nationally that participate in the Cooperative Community Fund program. This fund has over $3.5 million in total assets that are all invested ONLY in the development of cooperatives.

How can you help?

  • Round up at the register: You can round your purchase to the next whole dollar, or as much as you choose. The extra amount will be donated directly to our Co-op Community Fund!

  • Bring your reusable bags: The Co-op Community Fund is one of our permanent Dime in Time recipients, so you can drop your dime in the box and we’ll send the final dollar amounts in to Twin Pines quarterly!

  • Make a direct donation: Make a donation directly at the register or to the donation box by the front door. Co-op member-owners can also donate their patronage dividends directly to the fund. You can also donate directly through Twin Pines by following this link: https://community.coop/ccf/donate and typing "Moscow Food Co-op" on the donation page!

Our Owner Engagement Committee will be responsible for fundraising, reviewing grant applications, and awarding funds to community organizations. If you’d like to serve on the committee, please email the Board's Administrative Assistant at boardadmin@moscowfood.coop to see if there are openings. 

The Co-op’s Community Fund committee will make all funding decisions. Applications are available below. Any community group or organization with a federal tax ID # with a project in one of the following categories may apply for a grant. 

  1. Environment – environmental projects, recycling, alternative transportation, etc.

  2. Community – healthcare, social services, service groups, community groups, etc.

  3. Farming & Hunger – alternative agriculture, organic farming, food banks, etc.

  4. Cooperatives – co-op organizations, co-op development, co-op education, co-op projects, etc.

Application deadline and voting time to be determined. Contact boardadmin@moscowfood.coop with any questions.