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Known as PNW around the store, legumes from this local cooperative are sourced from 15 family farms within a 60-mile radius of the Moscow-Pullman area.

Their farmers are dedicated to sustainable growing practices and nurture the land through crop rotation, soil conservation, and reduced tillaged.

Anchored in tradition and reaching for the new frontier, this family of farmers is proud to serve only the best to dinner tables around the world from our roots deep in the rich soils of the Palouse. 

Cooperative History - One Member, One Vote

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative was formed in 2008 by the merger of Genesee Union Warehouse and Whitman County Growers… cooperatives independently built upon decades of service to producers on respective sides of the Idaho-Washington border, and collectively, representing the consolidation of more than half a dozen smaller firms brought on by the need for accommodating larger volumes and additional services.

All told, membership now exceeds 750 local producers…each represented by one vote regardless of size, and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of nine active grower-members and one independent non-voting outside business consultant.

Transportation - Doorstep to the World
Headquartered in Genesee, Idaho, PNW lies within 30 miles of three barge shipping ports on the Columbia-Snake River system, and many of its facilities are on state all-weather highways that make year-round loading, shipping and receiving possible.

The Company has ownership in barge terminals that service two different delivery pools on the Upper Snake River…an inland waterway system serving as a 465 mile link to Pacific export channels, capable of moving containerized and bulk shipments. 

In addition to diversified bulk waterway delivery, PNW also has two rail loading terminals situated on lines connecting to both major Class I Railroads, linking individual railcar and unit train shipments to markets anywhere in North America.