FEEL GOOD MONDAYS: Green Monster Smoothie


The start to your work week just got a heck of a lot better. Allow us to present (drum roll please.......) Feel Good Mondays! We'll offer you an immune boosting recipe, a product from our Wellness Department or tips and treats to help you show the week who's boss.


In this first installment of Feel Good Mondays we are proud to present you with a Green Monster Smoothie. With spinach, banana, almond butter and unsweetened chocolate almond milk this recipe is chock full of antioxidants, protein, vitamins C and E and calcium. It's really everything you need to start your week off right.


Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

1 cup of fresh spinach leaves 1 cup of unsweetened chocolate almond milk 1 frozen banana 1 tablespoon almond butter (handful of ice  if the banana is not frozen)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.