Bulk Foods

Save money and reduce waste

When the Moscow Food Co-op first opened in 1973, it was known as the Good Food Store - and all we sold was bulk food! In the 45 years since those days, we’ve grown to include packaged foods and home goods as well, and we are still proud of our great selection of bulk food. The Moscow Food Co-op’s first aisle is full of options for bulk food shopping, including…

  • Dry goods like beans, grains, flours, nuts, and granola.

  • Herbs, spices, coffees, and teas.

  • Liquids like oils, honey, maple syrup, vinegar, and soy sauce.

  • Staple foods, baking ingredients, snacks, and treats.

Shopping the bulk aisle is the best way to reduce your waste while getting the best value for your dollar. Since you’re not paying for packaging, you save big!

Using Your Own Containers Is Easy

We have complementary paper bags, and affordable options in glass and cloth as well - but you can bring your own from home and save even more. Our shoppers can use any container from their home or kitchen they’d like!

  1. Weigh your empty container to get the tare weight. You can do this by…

    • Weighing your empty container on the scale in the bulk aisle.

    • Asking a Co-op cashier to weigh it for you.

    • Weighing it at home before you come to the store.

  2. Write the tare weight on your container. That way your cashier will know how much to subtract at checkout, so you're not charged for the weight of your container!

  3. Fill your container, and write the bin number next to the tare weight. Our bulk aisle has stickers and pens if you need them!

Click here for our collection of money-saving Co+op Basics recipes - great for building your bulk shopping list!

Bulk Ingredient Guides

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Co+op Kitchen Videos

Still hungry for more? These videos from Co+op, Stronger Together are a great resource for bulk beginners!