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Mamas + Papas is an educational support group for new and expecting parents on the Palouse. The first Monday of every month from 9:30-11 a.m., join us for a time to learn and play, and to connect with other growing families in our community. Mamas + Papas exists to provide an educational and social environment for parents to share experiences related to childcare, parenting, and raising healthy families.

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Monday, November 4
Parent-and-child Yoga

Relax and refresh with stretching exercises designed to increase flexibility and foster mindfulness. Kids can participate too!


Monday, December 2
Holiday Treat and Recipe Exchange

Connect with other growing families and share some inspiration this holiday season! Join other parents on the Palouse for a potluck-style holiday treat and recipe exchange. Bring a recipe and some samples of your family's favorite holiday snack, and learn tips and tricks for preparing holiday treats for your whole family.